The “Gould” Stuff, Pt. 1

First of all, I’d just like to apologize for the pun with which I opened this post. If you need to leave this page now and never return, I completely understand.

To make up for the absence of any pictures in the last post, I’m going to make this one primarily pictures from our time on the Gould. Your welcome, everyone who was sick of my barely-lucid monologues! (I know I am).

The Gould, in all her splendor, moored at the pier in Punta Arenas.
The Main and 01 decks of the Gould.
That big ol’ submarine-looking thing? That’s one of the lifeboats! Our first full day on board, we had an “abandon ship” drill where we had to practice getting in. Thankfully, we never needed them.
Railings everywhere. And an imposing ax. Anyone else reminded of that one scene in Titanic where Kate Winslet has to bust Leo DiCaprio out of the handcuffs? No? Just me, then.
Our teeny bathroom. 
The room Hannah and I shared.
But is it art?
Terrifyingly vertical stairs. It might not SEEM terribly steep, but in a rocking ship? TREACHEROUS.
Massive copy of an old NYTimes crossword puzzle posted in the hallways for everyone to work on together.
The galley.
Another view of the galley. Note the built-in cupholders.
Yet another angle of the galley.
The “muster station” is where roll-call would take place in case of emergency. 

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