The “Gould” Stuff, Pt. 2

More photos! This time, less about ship life, more of the amazing sights en route to Palmer Station. I took… too many pictures. Often of the same glacier or iceberg, um, about a thousand times.



Hannah and I are at Palmer now, busy setting up our lab and even getting in some sampling!! I’ll tell you all about it in gratuitous detail in the days to come. Keep that blog-readin’ head on a swivel.

P1000247 (2)
Smith Island, our first glimpse of land in days.
P1000248 (2)
Smith Island, but a close-up!
P1000330 (2)
Yet another view of Smith Island.
We passengers weren’t allowed on the main deck during the crossing, for this reason. 
P1000347 (2)
Approaching Neumayer Channel at dawn on our last day at sea.

P1000354 (2)P1000429P1000465 (2)P1000718 (2)P1000721 (2)P1000741 (2)

P1000244 (2)
Captain Zsolt looking at me like I’m crazy, even though he’s the one out here in a short-sleeved shirt. (Seriously though, Zsolt–Captain of the Gould on our journey–was the coolest. The title of “Captain” can seem intimidating, but Zsolt is super friendly and approachable, and has a delightfully goody sense of humor. Though you might not guess it from this picture, I suppose.)

If I haven’t given you glacier fatigue yet, check out our Instagram! Or Twitter! We are very hip. All up in the social mediums. (For the record, I’m 24. This is my first foray into both Instagram and Twitter. Luckily, Hannah is much more saavy than I am, so don’t let my lack of proficiency scare you off!).


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